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How to Deal With Rejection in Network MarketingDATE: 02/11/2016

Ever been rejected because you were in MLM, network marketing or direct sales? What do you do when that rejection is from someone you really care about? Rejection can hurt but it does not have to shut your business down.
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Residual Income! How Much Passion Does It Take to Produce Residual Income?DATE: 02/10/2016

How much passion does it take to build a residual income business? It takes as much as it did for Tom Brady to succeed in the NFL. He has an amazing story of passion for the game of football.
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How to Sell to "Not Now" CustomersDATE: 02/10/2016

In an ideal world, every sales lead would turn into a sale. Our goal is eager prospects who move through our sales funnel without objections. But, as you know, this is rarely the case. Instead of writing off these more challenging leads, here are some simple options to help you. Use this article to continue to qualify leads along the way.
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Network Marketing: Making MoneyDATE: 02/10/2016

Network marketing is one of the easiest ways to set up a business that will help you earn a residual income for many years to come. Many people will work a regular job, trading time for money, based on their individual efforts for most of their lives. The beauty of this type of business model is that you can slowly build your down-line so that hundreds, if not thousands, of other people are joining under you, creating residual passive income that you can enjoy based upon your efforts. Here are a few tips that you should know about in regard to this type of business so that you can begin creating a residual income, not only for yourself, but for your family for many years to come.
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